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Our Story

A safety fashion brand
inspired by firefighters’ gears.

Hello, my name is Eunjin. I am the founder of POITY, and a functional textiles expert. Before starting POITY, I was a working researcher specializing in firefighters' safety gears made with high visibility materials. Firefighters always work in dangerous environments and rely on their gears to stay visible and safe.

With the knowledge and experience working with high visibility materials, I began to think about how the same material can be used to help make everyone visible and safe at night—and that's how POITY was born. Now, POITY strives to explore creative solutions to make people visible and safe at night.

Safe + Stylish = Poity


POITY was created by a team of specialists and designers with a mission to make people more visible in the dark. There are other products that use high visibility materials, but we wanted to design products that are not only functional but also fashionable. POITY offers a range of products that are both functional and fashionable. Our safety vests and accessories will make it much easier to locate you, your children and your loved ones.

How It Works

How It Works

All of Poity's products use retro-reflective material which illuminates in the dark. No cables, battery recharging needed. Just wear Poity. We will make sure you, your children, and your family members are seen at night.


Retro-reflection occurs when light is returned directly to the original light source.





Retro-reflective fabric reflects light through the glass beads that are attached to its surface.


Poity's products use these materials to make you visible and safe in low light conditions!


Poity is for Everyone!

For Everyone

Our Reflective safety vests can make children visible at night when they are on the street.


For Your Child

The keyrings can be clipped to your clothing, school bags, sports kits, bikes, and strollers.

For Your Family/Friends

Our products will keep your family and friends safe and visible.

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